Showbiz Diary: The name of Kareena Kapoor's second child, a young man from Bihar who made Imran Hashmi a 'father' and Fardeen Khan in the news again

We have seen and heard many times how different the film image of most movie stars is from their real life.
As bloody or inferior as most villains appear in most movies, examples of their nobility are heard in real life. Whether it's a famous actor or a domineering gold interest. There is another actor who has been dubbed 'Serial Kisser' because of his film image.
Now it was his image or the love of a young fan for him, that he wrote Imran Hashmi's name on his college admit card instead of his father's. University staff were shocked when screen shots of the card went viral on social media.
The 20-year-old man from Bihar had written Sunny Leone's name on the card instead of his mother's. When the post went viral, Imran Hashmi retweeted the article and wrote in reply, "By God, this is not my child."
People on social media are enjoying this post with all kinds of comments.
What would be the name of Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan's second child, Kareena herself says that they have not thought of anything yet.
He will make this decision "only after the birth of a child." It seems that the controversy over his name after Timur's birth is still fresh in his mind.
Talking to actress Neha Dhupia on the reality show 'What Women Want', Kareena said that after the uproar over Timur's name, Saif and he decided that we would decide the name only after the birth of the child.
Shortly after all this fuss, Saif Ali Khan had said in an interview that he had thought of changing Timur's name but Kareena was not in favor of it. "People respect your opinion, not your name," he said.
It is also a fact that as much as his parents were trolled in Timur's name, Timur has gained much more love and fame on the media and social media. Someone has rightly said, 'What's in a name?'
Fardeen Khan is in the news again after a long time and this time too his pictures are circulating on social media.
Some time ago, people trolled him on some pictures of Fardeen Khan in which he gained weight, but this time in the pictures that have come to light, Fardeen appeared in his first look and he is the casting director. Mukesh was walking out of Jhabra's office.
At the same time, news of his return to the movies began to spread. Fardeen was last seen in the 2010 film Dilha Mil Gaya.
Speaking to the Times of India this week, Fardeen said he had moved to London for a while, wanted to focus on his family, but had no idea that his break from the industry would be so long.
Fardeen, who started his career with the film Prem Agan in 1998, has acted in films like 'Janshin', 'Jangal', 'No Entry' and 'Hai Baby'.


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