Announcing the launch of 5G in Pakistan by December 2022

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information Technology Aminul Haq has said that the government is against any ban on social media which hind...

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information Technology Aminul Haq has said that the government is against any ban on social media which hinders the process of development. Five-G is preparing for the auction which will be launched in Pakistan by December 2022.

Announcing the launch of 5G in Pakistan by December 2022

Aminul Haq, who belongs to the MQM, added that the government was ready to address the concerns of international companies over the rules for social networking.
In an exclusive interview with a US news agency, the federal minister invited international companies to inform the Pakistani government of their objections to the recently enacted social media rules.
The Ministry of Information Technology last month issued a notification for the issuance of regulations related to the Electronic Crime Prevention Act. According to the notification, the companies concerned will be required to block content against religion, Pakistan's dignity, security, defense, cultural and moral values. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the relevant social media company or website being completely blocked in Pakistan.
The Federal Minister said that whether it is Facebook, Twitter, PubG or TikTalk, he would include all the networks in the conversation and through the discussion he is trying to have the offices of all these social media companies in Pakistan.
He said that these international companies earn billions of dollars from Pakistan and there is nothing wrong with these companies being required to set up offices in Pakistan. Establishing its offices in Pakistan will facilitate coordination and coordination between international social media companies and PTAs.
Aminul Haq said that social media does not want to restrict expression through rules. Political freedom will remain. However, all these issues have to move forward with the traditions of Pakistan. Social media will hear objections from global companies to the rules, but hate speech, anti-state rhetoric and pornography cannot be compromised.
Authorities and the courts also objected to anti-state, obscene and hate speech, he said. The Internet wants hate to end, national security to be defended, and pornography to end.
Aminul Haq said that in line with the Prime Minister's vision of 'Digital Pakistan', the Ministry of Information Technology was working hard to provide telephone and broadband internet in remote areas of the country.
He said that out of a population of 22 crore, 16 crore people have mobile phones. Broadband internet is available to the public in 44% of the areas. Despite the Universal Support Fund for coordination in remote areas of the country, Internet access was not available in many areas of Baluchistan, Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and the former tribal districts.
He said that Rs. 16 billion has been allocated in the last few months for providing internet in these areas. Through which another 5 million population will be connected to broadband service.
The federal minister acknowledged that students in Baluchistan, Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and former tribal districts were facing problems in the online teaching process due to the closure of educational institutions due to the corona virus. The Ministry of IT, through telecommunications companies, has taken steps to ensure that students do not face these problems in the expected second wave of corona virus in the coming months.
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The Federal Minister said that despite the corona virus, Pakistan's IT exports have increased by 44%. That's up from 26 264 million in the first quarter of last fiscal year to 9 379 million this year.
He said that the Ministry of IT has taken the corona virus crisis as an opportunity. In addition to expanding telecommunication and internet supply in the country, it has also promoted industry and exports. The Ministry of ITE-Governance has been working for over a year and soon all 40 federal ministries will have computerized all their official documents.
The Federal Minister said that the Ministry of IT is also working on Digital Parliament and by June 2021, the proceedings of the Senate and National Assembly of Pakistan will be computerized. Under the digital parliament, computers will be installed on the seats of members of the assembly through which they will participate in parliamentary affairs.
He said that the ministry was preparing for the auction of IT Five G which would be launched in Pakistan by December 2022. To this end, fiber optics is being expanded across the country and work is also being done on infrastructure.


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